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John Gorski, founder of Gorski Welding, started his career as a diesel mechanic at a national transportation company. From there he moved to a local business taking the position of diesel mechanic welder. 

With an exceptional work ethic, precision welding skills, and business acumen, John started what is now known as Gorski Welding in 2004. “I sold my motorcycle in order to buy my first piece of welding equipment – a portable welding machine,” said John. 

Challenged with hiring employees that possessed skills in welding, fabrication, and fitters – all of which are different categories and skills – John desires his workers to be well-diversified. This limits employee down time, increases productivity, and reduces dependency on any one employee. 

“I sold my motorcycle in order to buy my first piece of equipment – a portable welding machine.”

– John Gorski, President

In its 10+ years of business, Gorski Welding continues to flourish and serve Northeast Ohio businesses in the aerospace and OEM parts industries. 

John mentors others in the industry and offers these successful words of advice: “Make yourself invaluable to the company you work for. Advance yourself. Make your boss look good. It’s good for the customer, employee, and company – everybody benefits”. 

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